Interior Design Trends in 2022

The pandemic has forced many homeowners to slow down and spend more time in their homes. Is it any wonder some of the interior design trends in 2022 are focused on creating comfortable, cozy spaces? 

Nature Inspired Surfaces

Spending so much time indoors over the last two years has inspired a resurgence in natural surfaces like wood, stone, and clay. Many love the raw, imperfect nature of organic materials in their homes. We are seeing lightly-stained wood furniture, stone backsplashes, botanical wallpaper, and more natural light than ever before.

Dual Purpose Rooms

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that our entire worlds can change in an instant. Suddenly, our homes became an all-in-one office, classroom, gym, etc. This is why dual-purpose rooms are one of the top interior design trends in 2022. Many homeowners are adding bookshelves in their living rooms and desks in their guest rooms, all while eliminating non-functional objects that take up valuable space.  

No More Open Floor Plans

With some family members working from home or taking classes remotely, many are realizing the need for privacy and quiet spaces. For some, this has meant adding doors to separate what was once connected. For others, this has meant dedicated spaces for work, entertainment, and rest. 

Less Cookie Cutter

We love this one! Many homeowners are wanting their homes to feel less cookie-cutter and more lived-in. This year you can expect more and more people to preserve the character found in their older homes instead of tearing everything out and starting fresh. For those with brand new homes, you can expect to see more open-shelving instead of hiding everything behind cabinet doors. 

Pattern-Heavy Elements

We saw wallpaper make its comeback in 2021, and that’s not going anywhere in 2022! One of the top interior design trends in 2022 is incorporating patterns in everything from wallpaper to bedding. For some, committing to a pattern is intimidating. However, there are ways to incorporate patterns without covering your walls from floor to ceiling. Think patterned rugs, window treatments, throw blankets, and wall decor. 



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