Enoch Business Highlight: Gateway Preparatory Academy

Located in Enoch, Gateway Preparatory Academy is a charter school offering students from Kindergarten through 8th grade a quality education focused on individual skills, abilities, and needs. Gateway is only a quick 5 minute drive from Settler’s Square, making this a great option for our homeowners with children in grades K-8.

An Individualized Approach

Gateway has a maximum authorized enrollment of 675 students, allowing the faculty and staff to provide the individualized education that the school is known for. They achieve this personalized approach by assigning staff mentors to each student in order to help them make adequate academic progress and ensure that each student has easy access to a mentor who answers their questions and assists them every step of the way. 

Montessori Curriculum and Hybrid Learning

At Gateway Preparatory Academy, students from Kindergarten to 5th grade are taught primarily using the Montessori curriculum. This curriculum is highly customizable, appropriately paced, and focuses on each students’ individual development, with guides that help teachers determine when the student is ready for new activities and materials to be introduced. In addition to this method of individualized learning, Gateway also provides students with the opportunity to participate in hybrid or distance learning. This allows students to learn in an environment that benefits their individual needs while also preparing them for higher education. Hybrid/Distance learners have the same access to the exceptional teaching and programs that the face-to-face students do. 

Arts, Music, and Technology

Each week, all students receive instruction in fine arts, music, and technology. While at Gateway, students learn vocal technique, note reading, ear training, keyboarding, coding, and much more. In conjunction with their regular learning, students create an ongoing record and portfolio of their work. To demonstrate their mastery and achievement, students have the opportunity to participate in “Festivals” at the end of each semester. These “Festivals” are designed for parents, the public, and peers to celebrate each students’ academic achievement. 



Photo credit to Gateway Preparatory Academy Facebook Page

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