Cycling Near Enoch

Are you a seasoned cyclist or have you recently started cycling? Either way, you should check out some of the cycling routes near Enoch and Cedar City! We’ve compiled some of the popular cycling bike routes in the area, from the Mammoth Creek Loop to the Cedar City 90-mile loop and more! 

Western Express Bicycle Route

The Western Express Bicycle Route is over 1,500 miles and it starts in San Francisco, California and ends in Pueblo, Colorado. This bike route goes through areas east of Cedar City and the Adventure Cycling Association encourages bike riders to take some time to explore Cedar Breaks, Escalante, and Bryce Canyon. From Cedar City, the official route takes cyclists to Panguitch and then from Panguitch to Bryce Canyon. 

Mammoth Creek Loop

The Mammoth Creek Loop is considerably shorter than the extreme Western Express Bicycle Route. The Mammoth Creek Loop is 35 miles long and starts at the intersection of HIghway U-14 and Highway U-148 through Cedar Breaks National Monument. From there, you will get to Mammoth Creek Road and then back to U-14.

Cedar City 90-Mile Loop

The Cedar City 90-mile loop gives cyclists the opportunity to see an array of gorgeous scenery. This loop starts in Cedar City and then goes through the Red Hills of the Escalante Desert, the Parowan Gap ( The Parowan Gap Petroglyphs is an historic site), and then to the town of Parowan. From Parowan, cyclists begin to make the intense climb up the S.R. 143 to Cedar Breaks National Monument and then to Mammoth Creek Road, Duck Creek Village, and finally, back to Cedar on S.R. 14. 

Utah Cliffs Loop

The Utah Cliffs Loop is in St. George, Utah (which is about 45 minutes from Cedar City) and is surrounded by stunning red rock cliffs. The Utah Cliffs loop passes through the beautiful Snow Canyon State Park and then heads through Pine Valley, the Hurricane Cliffs escarpment, Smithsonian Butte, Gooseberry Mesa, and into the Vermillion Cliffs. Some fun facts about this loop is that it starts and ends in St. George and it is 288 miles long. 


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