How to Organize Your Tasks and Schedule


Trello is a great organizational resource, made especially for teams! Trello organizes your projects into boards and keeps you updated on who’s working on what project, how much a project has been completed, and more! The concept of Trello is for the program to represent a real life whiteboard with sticky notes, where each sticky note has a task. 

Similar to Trello, Asana is a great resource that helps teams track, organize, and manage their work. To learn more about Asana, check out the about Asana webpage


In order to keep things organized at home and at work, life is much easier if you can organize paper items into a binder. For instance, one binder can be labeled for recipes, one binder can be for bank statements, one binder can be for medical information, etc. Binders also come in handy if you are meeting with a client or running an event (away from your desk and computer) and you can have all the printed materials you need in a binder! 

Paper Planner

When someone is giving you an assignment and your computer is not nearby, it is much easier to just write it down in your planner (keep your planner on you at all times) than to try to remember the task until you can get to a computer. Another plus to owning a paper planner is that it can feel very rewarding to cross off a to-do item on a physical paper list.

Phone Reminders

Paper planners are great for reminders of items to do at any time during a certain day, but phone reminders are helpful for reminding you to do something at an exact time of the day. Our phones are hardly ever separated from us, so a phone task reminder notification is a sure way to get our attention! Here’s an additional tip- if you have a super important task, it never hurts to add it to both your paper planner and a phone reminder! 

Gantt Charts/Excel Spreadsheets

If your to-do items are complex and involve assignments for other people, a start and finish timeline, a project hour count, etc., an in-depth Gantt Chart will be your best friend! Gantt charts are generally used by project managers, but they can come in handy for organizing any major work task. Microsoft provides downloadable Excel spreadsheet Gantt Charts and you can check out a Gantt Chart here. 


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