Enoch Business Highlight: Foster’s Market

Foster’s Market has been open in Enoch since February 2020 and we are still excited that residents in Enoch finally have a grocery store in their own town! The convenience of having a grocery store in Enoch has been a dream for many people in our town and thanks to the Foster family, that dream is now a reality!

About Foster’s Market

Foster’s Market was founded by Al and LedaMae Foster in the 1950’s and the very first Foster’s Market started in Escalante, Utah. Since that time, Foster’s Market has expanded to other locations in Utah. The Enoch’s Foster’s Market is managed by Neil Foster and his wife Susan, as well as Jackie, Angel and her husband, and Bryant. Some fun facts about the Foster’s Market in Enoch is that the market is a member of the Associated Food Stores and its Mission Statement is that Foster’s will always stand for community, convenience and family. 

What is Offered at Foster’s Market?

Foster’s Market in Enoch has fresh fruit, fresh veggies, meats, baked goods and all the must haves of a full size grocery store. Foster’s Market also has a great deli and delicious ready made lunches and dinners. Be sure to follow the Foster’s Market Facebook page to see their most current ready made lunch and dinner specials. Some of the food specials that have been featured on their Facebook page are chicken enchiladas, ribs with mashed potatoes and coleslaw, sloppy joes and mac n cheese, broccoli cheese stuffed chicken breast over a bed of rice, and much more! I don’t know about you, but I’m getting really hungry after reading that list of delicious dinners and lunches! 

Additional Information and Resources

A great benefit of Foster’s Market in Enoch is that when you stop at Foster’s Market to go grocery shopping, you can also gas up your vehicle at one of their gas pumps! Foster’s Market is located at 4617 N Minersville Highway, Enoch, UT 84721 and their store number is (435) 263-0440. Be sure to also like their Facebook page too! 

Thank you to Foster’s Market for providing a grocery store that is located in Enoch! Enoch residents are thankful for your services! 





About Settlers Square 

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