Ideas for Family Night

Camping Evening 

You can simulate a camping trip by setting up a tent and a bonfire (complete with s’mores of course) in your backyard. If you aren’t able to do this, you can make s’mores in your microwave and set up blanket forts (that simulate a tent) in the living room. One of the best aspects of camping is storytelling, so whether you are outside or inside, you can make your “camping” complete with lots of entertaining stories! 

Make a Home Movie

Get your creative juices flowing! Get the whole family in participation to make a home movie (one person is in charge of the script, if a script is needed, another family member finds props, another family member puts together the costumes, one person video tapes the production, etc). From adventures to comedies and beyond, the movie options are endless and the memories are priceless for family home movie night! 

Good Ole’ Fashioned Game Night 

Make some fun treats (brownies, anyone?) to be prepared for a good ole’ fashioned family game night! Playing games together as a family is an excellent bonding activity, whether you are playing cards, trivia games, strategy games, or other board games. Take this opportunity to teach your kids how to play classic games like Sorry, Yahtzee, Monopoly, and more! 

Movie Night

Gone are the days that your only movie rental option was to make a trip to the local movie store. These days, families can access just about any movie they want by the click of a button on their TV streaming platform. Make it a whole family activity by making popcorn together, enjoying a fun movie, and then quiz each other afterwards to see what everyone liked and disliked about the chosen movie. 

Crafting and Cooking Night 

Making dinner can be a fun activity where the whole family can get involved! If you have older kids, each family member can be in charge of creating an element for dinner (one child makes a side dish, another child makes dessert, etc.). If you have younger kids, they can help you with the easier parts of making the dinner (like stirring batter). Then, after you enjoy a wonderful dinner and clean the kitchen, you can transition into crafting night. Check out this website for a plethora of crafts that the whole family can enjoy. 


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