Things to Do at Three Peaks Recreation Area

Three Peaks Recreation area is close to the Settlers Square subdivision and offers a plethora of fun activities. Three Peaks Recreation area offers over 6000 acres of BLM land featuring activities like: mountain biking, hiking, picnicking, disc golf, OHV and ATV riding, RC car driving, model plane flying, camping, and horseback riding. We’ve rounded up information about some of the popular activities that the Three Peaks Recreation Area has to offer. 

Mountain Biking

Three Peaks Recreation area offers a 19 mile mountain bike trail system and has trails that vary in distance (from .77 miles to 5.76 miles) and expertise level (from beginner to difficult). Spend the day at Three Peaks mountain biking on trails like the Three Peaks Loop, the Big Hole Loop, the Race Course Loop, the Practice Loop and more! 

Disc Golf Course

Disc golf has become a popular sport for people of all ages and the Three Peaks Recreation area has two eighteen hole championship level courses, including the Three Peaks disc golf course and the Ironside disc golf course

ATV and OHV Riding

The Three Peaks Recreation area has awesome trails that are perfect for ATV and OHV riding. There are also many 4×4 rock crawling competitions that are held at Three Peaks throughout the year. The use for ATV and OHV routes is restricted to existing roads and trails and the trails are mostly two-track roads. 

Horseback Riding

The Three Peaks Recreation area is a great destination for horseback riding and horse training. The terrain is diverse and allows for horseback riders to ride on flat land, gentle up and down slopes and also advanced steep hill climbs. Another great feature of Three Peaks is that it has an equestrian staging area, equipped with restrooms, corrals, water, a covered picnic table and a nice parking lot. 

Shooting Range

The Three Peaks Recreation area has two shooting ranges– a cowboy action shooting range ( that’s for organized events) and a dedicated target shooting area. The dedicated target shooting area is at the far western side of the Three Peak Recreation Complex and it is called the Iron County Shooting Range. One of the best things about the Iron County Shooting Range is that it  features a long range and a short range. 

About Settlers Square 

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