Everything You Need to Know About Living in Enoch

The city of Enoch has a rich history, a multitude of public parks, fun annual events, and an assortment of amenities. Check out our list of everything you need to know about living in Enoch.

The Founding of Enoch, Utah

In 1850, Enoch was founded by Joel H. Johnson. He discovered springs in Enoch and received permission to build a house and take care of the cattle that were owned by settlers of Iron County. After Johnson settled in the area, Brigham Young asked other families to help with building a fort for protection. The fort was named after Johnson and in 1890, the Johnson’s Fort area became known as Enoch. Another fun historical fact about Enoch is that the Old Spanish Trail goes through Enoch and the Southern Utah Chapter of the Spanish Trail Association was incorporated by Enoch residents in 2007.

Enoch Events

There are many activities in Enoch that can be enjoyed year round. T-ball and coach pitch games are held at the Enoch City Recreation Complex and t-ball is offered for kids ages 4-7 and coach pitch is offered for kids ages 8-11. Enoch Soccer is also available for kids ages 4-12 and the games start after Labor day. The Enoch July 4th Celebration is a beloved annual event that includes a 5K run, a BBQ at Old Enoch Park, eating contests for kids, and more! At the end of July, the residents of Enoch come together to celebrate Pioneer Day! The Enoch Pioneer Day celebration begins with a parade and is followed by a dinner and festival.

Enoch Parks and Recreation

There’s an abundance of public parks in Enoch and some of the parks that are established include: The Jones Memorial Park, Our Garden Park, Old Enoch Park, and Iron Works Park.

Amenities in Enoch

Even though Enoch is mainly a residential town, there are still many amenities available for residents and visitors. Some of the amenities that Enoch offers are: the Enoch Dollar Store, High Desert Auto Sales, the Hub Pizza, Ladybug Nursery, and Hitch’n Post. Hitch’n Post offers boarding for dogs and cats, grooming, and dog training classes, the Ladybug Nursery is garden center that helps people with growing their vegetable and flower gardens, and the Hub Pizza is a popular destination to hang out and enjoy hand tossed, fresh pizza!


Photo Credit: Enoch City

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